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Meowy Christmas Gifts for Cats – My Simplest Holiday Task

Christmas gifts for cats is the simplest holiday task on my list this year. Fortunately, we had a few early present openings and have ordered some gifts from Amazon in preparation for our boys’ Christmas morning. This has led to my accidentally discovering some of the most fantastic Christmas gifts for cats that you will have no trouble obtaining for your feline family members. Actually, you probably have most of them already. And others are automatic; you’ll see, Friends.

Did you know that the coolest kitty house does not have to be hauled from the pet store in the back of a pick-up you have to borrow from your uncle? You don’t have to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a quadruple-tiered kitty condo; you can get a hillbilly kitty camp for free! And they love it. It comes right to your door when you order something from Amazon. Even more great news, every time you get anything in the mail, you have a new one. Check out this fail-safe kitty play zone:

Christmas gifts for cats, cardboard cat house, happy cat in a box

Do you have a problem with kitty bed lop-over?

cat stretching, cat overlapping her bed, spilling cat out of cat bed

 Worry no more! The bag you use to carry gifts, decorations, snacks, or goods from the grocery store is actually the most desirable, comfortable kitty sleep spot you could come up with. Check-out the joy and satisfaction in those normally ornery eyes:

Christmas gifts for cats, cat in a reusable shopping bag, sleepy cat in a shopping bag, creative cat bed

In several places in our house, we have neglected cat toys just lying about. Don’t wrap expensive feathery, jingly things for your kitty, only to have them piled around getting no attention. Just wrap something nice for someone else and let the good times roll:

As a bonus, I’ve provided a list of other fail-safe kitty toys you most likely have around the house or can easily make and create great fun for your sweet kitties.

  • Take a crisp sheet of paper, quickly and crazily wad it up and “bowl” it over the kitchen floor—outstanding fun
  • Open a bottle of water, drink water, drop lid on kitchen floor—outstanding fun
  • Change toilet paper roll, drop empty roll on bathroom floor—outstanding fun
  • Pop plastic lid-sealing ring off of milk, juice, or cider jug, drop on floor—outstanding fun
  • After finishing a loaf of bread, take twist-tie and ball it up so sharp ends will not poke your kitty cat, drop on floor—outstanding fun

Finally, but contradicting my free or home-made gift ideas, there is one list item for Christmas gifts for cats that you simply must buy for your feline family member this year. The video tells all; it’s worth the few dollars for sure!




What are you thinking, Friends?