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Passion with Accountability: Keys to Achieving Goals

If a passion for something is genuine, it will always be there. Guess what will not: motivation, energy, and will power. Too often, we doubt our passion and sabotage our own efforts to achieving goals or moving toward a dream just because we have down days or can’t seem to get ourselves in gear to do what we really need to do. When I swam competitively, I did not always feel like going to practice or doing the killer sessions. But I wanted to be the best—to win. Once I got in that water and glided through it knowing I was getting faster and stronger, the tiredness from the school day or lack of motivation because I had to do chores and homework were no match. Passion trumps everything. No normal human can always be full of energy and a drive to succeed; those who appear to be are just that—appearing to be. Reality is inevitable.

Those who are achieving goals do not have anything others are lacking. They are driven by a passion that gets them past the slumps in will power, motivation, and energy. Doing what will get you closer to achieving goals or dreams whether you feel like it or not is exactly what it takes. Any small move or step in the right direction is still momentum. If you are trying to lose weight and can’t drag yourself to the gym one day, go for a walk and get some air. You are still moving forward—not heading down the quitting path. If you are working on a novel and can’t get through a chapter, do some research, edit previous pages, or start something fresh. Just do something.

Some of us can police ourselves and keep that positive momentum, either small steps or strong leaps, going, always with the eye on the prize. Others perform better with some accountability, sometimes from an outside source. If you know this will help you, set it up so you can stay on track and get closer and closer to your finish line. Here are some ideas for accountability help:

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Passion is permanent. If you really want something, you’ll always be thinking about it, striving for it, or feeling guilty for neglecting it. Find a way to make yourself accountable and keep moving forward. To maintain positive momentum, celebrate small victories along the path. Then, when you get to the end, the big win will be the sweetest reward. Define that passion and go for it, Friends.

2 thoughts on “Passion with Accountability: Keys to Achieving Goals

  1. I agree. Especially from the swimming perspective. Go Martinsburg Marlins. And for the accountability aspect, find that one person, who cares for you beyond your success and failures. They will be your strongest supporter and allow you to be transparent with them no matter what. I discovered this after reading Prayer Partners. If you can stand with someone because you care for their spirit, the physical aspect loses it’s sting and growth can or progress can truly be felt. :o)

    1. Very well said! My accountability partners are my blessings and confidence boosters! And I really miss the swimming; I didn’t realize how much it meant at the time. 🙂

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